Romance is Key

Hey, I see romance everywhere, in pictures movies and tv shows. You see thwem not only in a televison screen but in everyday life, romance is all around you. It is how we came to be, and it is in the cycle of life even if some of us dont want it to. There is Faith, Love and Life, and we can choose two or all not just one to follow. As I said we see it everywhere and this is what I will show you. There is romance in books and in movies and in shows this is some you will see.So here is some pictures of the TV shows I watch with the romance invovled.

Now we can go on but we can just stop and just tell you that it has bee on for a long time and the movies thave just been going on for quite some time aswell so I will stop and let this world continue with the love and, share it with many others. Im just....maybe just maybe.... crazy with the thought of love.